Jinmao Education, founded in 2019, is an educational management and operation platform under China Jinmao.

Jinmao Education involves the Institute of Education, the kindergarten, the primary and middle school, including the whole learning career from the pre-school education, the compulsory education to the high school education. Jinmao Education insists on cultivating the students’ future competencies with educational innovation and becoming the explorer of the future education. With the concept of Student-oriented Education, Optional Diverse Education, World Citizen Cultivation, Jinmao Education is going to set up the international future school based on China, facing the world, based on the present, and facing the future. Jinmao Education also is carrying out the goal of education in accordance with the four modernizations.

Based on the principle of “Building a benchmark first and taking the point as example”, Jinmao Education is actively making the blueprints of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other core cities along the Yangtze River economic belt, deeply cultivating the market of the Yangtze River Delta and Dawan District.

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