Dialogue with the world, a bridge to the future
Creating an international, contemporary school of the future
School Vision:
Constructing the Jinmao Style of future education,
Generate the Chinese model of K-12 education.
School Mission: Linking global education, cultivating future competencies
School Motto: Integrity, Justice, Logic, Compassion
The R&D and the teaching execution of national curricula, Jinmao curricula, and students’ curricula apply three innovational implementation forms, realizing the modernization of the curriculum system.
(1)Scientific Curriculum Pedigree: Series of creative and thinking course, language and humanistic course and science & technology and entrepreneurship course.
(2)Modern and Original Curricula: Part courses set by school, are different from those in competitor schools. Series of original thinking courses from primary school to high school: Children Philosophy, Formal Logic and Critical Thinking. Creative imagination courses: Creative Painting, Creative Writing and Creative Modeling.
(3)Students’ Curricula to satisfy the need of diverse development, enables students to develop their characteristics by provided variety of customized courses.
Head of subject department and core teachers: Master degree or above, bilingual competence, at least 5-year teaching experience and the related teaching honor/award at district level.
Ordinary teachers and foreign teachers: Master degree or above, at least 3-year teaching experience; For Chinese teachers, the related teaching honor/award is needed; For foreign teachers, International Teaching Certification is a must.
One assistant teacher will be equipped in every class, who graduates from the key universities like “Project 985/211” (Bachelor degree or above), mainly from Tsinghua University, Beijing University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Beijing Normal University and East China Normal University.
Primary School: 3.9:1
Secondary School: 4.3:1
Primary School: 1:7.1
Secondary School: 1:7
At most 25 students in every class.
Yes, besides English, Jinmao School will set the course of Spanish and French.
Yes, normally we will provide the four-bed room. As for special needs, the single room is available.
Yes, Jinmao School will provide the customized uniform for four seasons.
Please refer to the standard for recruiting the private primary and secondary students issued by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

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