With the vision of constructing the future education of the Jinmao paradigm and creating the China example of the fundamental education, Jinmao Education is an IP deriving from its comprehensive benchmark of the high-end brand of the international education, its integration of the global leading-quality resources, and its creation of the Version 4.0 Education with national influence.

Taking helping students connect the worldwide imagination and achieve the future competencies as the mission, Jinmao School aims at cultivating the students’ capability of their integrating the knowledge, advanced thinking ability, cross-cultural understanding, making Chinese students express freely in the future world.

In terms of team management, Jinmao applies ‘the Principal Accountability System’. The school management team and the academic team are not only given self-determination, but also obtain the wholehearted support of human resources, school development funds, teacher awards, the market brand promotion and the resource integration and others from the group operation level.

In terms of country, school and students, Jinmao School satisfies the diverse development needs of modernization, internationalization, and future education, to establishing the curriculum system facing the future. Three innovational implementation forms are applied to the R&D and the teaching execution of national curricula, Jinmao curricula, and students’ curricula to realize the modernization of the curriculum system.

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